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  • Brand New Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Made by Imported High Quality Materials
  • Sound-Deadening Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Easy to Cut and Fit
  • High Performance noise barrier and Sound-Deadening Properties
  • Flexible, Durable and Stops sound in its tracks.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Use it in Home Theaters, Studios or Gaming Room for acoustic treatment / Isolation Shield , or in offices as a Desk Privacy Panel
  • Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room
  • Ideal for use in recording studios, home theaters and karaoke room
  • Size & Dimension : 50cm x 100cm (19.7 X 39.4 in)
  • For Custom Size email at 
  • 2 Thickness Available: 
    • 1.2mm (0.04 in)
    • 2mm (0.08 in)
  • NOTE:
    • Actual color may slightly differ depends on monitor settings.
    • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage. And due to shipping
      requirements, we compressed (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping.
      Please kindly give up until 24 to 48 hours for the foam to restore its normal size.
Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is a safe, non-toxic noise barrier designed to hang as a limp mass in a variety of soundproofing applications. Noise barrier or sound barrier products add mass to a wall, ceiling, floor, or enclosure serving as a highly effective soundproofing solution – at an affordable price. Soundproofing barriers are typically installed directly on the studs or joists to reduce noise transmission between the source of the sound and the destination. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating assigned to a material or an assembly of  materials representing the transmission loss or reduction in sound between the source and the target.  A standardized test, performed in an acoustics lab, measures the transmission loss between a Sound Source and a room.  Measurements are taken over a range of 6 different frequencies ranging between 125Hz and 4000Hz.  This frequency band covers the speech range.


This high density thin, weighted Soundproofing barrier, constructed of non reinforced high temperature fused vinyl with no lead filters. Weighs one pound per square foot and is 1/8″ thick. Apply to block transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. Also effective as a pipe and duct wrap to damper vibrations and reduce noise. Also available in a reinforced version designed to sustain it’s own vertical weight for suspension.

Why hire a Professional if you can construct a soundproof room in your house yourself!.
For the very best quality, most complete soundproofing you just need this New Acoustic Vinyl! Buy these New Mass Loaded Vinyl now and have a perfect room to party!


    Auditoriums • Broadcast Studios • Computer Rooms • Equipment Enclosures • Equipment Rooms • Gymnasiums • Gun Ranges • Home Recording Studios • Home Theaters • Industrial Facilities • Professional Theaters • Professional Recording Studios • Warehousing Facilities 


    General Installation Tips
    Apply the Mass Loaded Vinyl between the studs and sheet rock. Do not glue this directly to a wall for free standing. It;s weight will require the reinforcement of another layer of wall surface to be screwed or nailed over it. Us staples of screws to temporarily hold it up until you get your next wall surface applied. Also a good product for laying on top of your ceiling tiles to “cap” the room with a sound barrier material.


    Tools Required
    utility knife, straight edge, tape measure, Glue gun, pencil or chalk line



    1. Mark the Mass Loaded Vinyl to the appropriate size using the tape measure and marker.
    2. Cut along the line using the utility knife. With the thicker fabric, it may take several passes to completely cut the Mass Loaded Vinyl.
    3. An alternate cutting method is to compress the foam along the line marked in Step 1. With the material compressed, it will reduce the number of passes that must be made to completely cut the fabric.


    Installation Methods:

    1. Measure and Trim your MLV

     - Measure your wall from top to bottom. Deduct 1/8” – ¼” from total height. Unroll your MLV on the floor. With a utility knife, use a straight edge ruler to cut a square edge evenly through the MLV. You do not need to cut through the material fully, once it is scored, it will come apart easily.

    2. Applying your MLV

     - This step requires the work of two people. The MLV is applied over the fiberglass installation and beneath the sheetrock. With the help of another, hold the MLV in place, starting at the upper corner of the wall. Ensure the sheet is straight along the ceiling and is evenly spaced between the floor and ceiling. Fasteners - Any type of fastener will work (especially if the MLV will be covered with drywall) we suggest roofing nails or screws with washers, however you can also use a pneumatic cap stapler. Placement - Place fasteners every 8” along the top and bottom plate and down the length of the stud.

    3. Expose your electrical outlet boxes

     - Be careful not to cover electrical outlets boxes. It is best to expose the outlets boxes as you install each length of MLV. Find the electrical box in your wall and gently press the MLV against the box. Using a razor blade carefully cut the opening along the edges of the box. Keep this hole tight as possible to the electrical box so that you maintain a good seal. Continue as above until your entire wall or ceiling is covered in MLV.

    4. Finish your seams

     - Where MLV seams fall on a stud, butt pieces against one another on the stud and fasten into place. You can add a strip of PVC Tape on the seam. We highly recommend that you end all MLV seams on a stud, as free hanging seams may come apart with time.

      Need Help? See  Check Out Process.


      F.A.Q Section

      1. Is this product sold with whatever I need to mount/stick it on my walls? If not, what product should I buy to do that?

             • Bundle order comes with a free 4 pcs transparent tape. You can also order 24 pcs tape here ►

      2. Are these the right panels for soundproofing a subwoofer? If not, what should i get instead?

             • It depends on the room size these are sufficient but you should drop a few more dollars and get something a little better quality.

      3. Can i apply this on my door (inside my room) to prevent noisy neighbor or the noise outside?

             • Yes, you can. But it wouldn’t keep 100% of the sound out, however. These are really designed to insulate a room and dampen sound before it hits a wall and reflects back. They will keep some sound out, but not too much. If you're going to put it on a door just made sure you over lap the gaps between the door and the wall on all sides. Like, put the tile about an inch past the edge of the door.

      4. Would these be good for sound proofing a bedroom?

             • No, that's really not what these are for. They provide echo damping, not sound proofing. Sure, if you coated a door with the stuff on both sides it might lessen the sound a bit, but it's really not what they're meant to do. These panels are only designed to reduce room noise inside, not noises from outside. 

      5. For the Tile Panel, is it small squares or is it a huge board?

             • It is a huge square with the size of 50cm X 50cm (19.6 in X 19.6 in)

      6. Would this work for soundproofing an entire room for a recording studio?

             • This product will not 100% soundproof a room. But it will help with sound-isolation of the room.

      7. Can I spray paint them to make them a little more attractive?

             •    You can, but we wouldn't advise this. Not only they are extremely porous--because clearly, its foam, it would change the condition to do what they were originally intended to do (to collect sound). We suggest you buy different colors of panels, we offer different colors for these kind of situations.

      8. Can this product be used outdoors?

             • No, if it’s uncovered open area, it wont last the rain and sun. If it’s on a covered area the dust or dirt may affect the quality of the foam and may affect it’s ability to collect or isolate sound.

      9. What is it made of?

             • Our Acoustic foam is a lightweight open celled foam material made from polyurethane foam polyester, and also extruded melamine foam.

      10. How do I arrange these around my room with studio monitors?

             • There are a couple of ways of doing it, one way is to arrange all of them together on your wall opposite of your monitors another way is to spread them out evenly around the room. For more ideas on you can check on you tube. 

      11. Are these flame retarded or fire proof?

             • Yes, they are

      12. It really echoes when I am talking on the phone at normal volumes. Will this dampen my voice?

             • Yes it will substantially. But it depends on the size of the room on how much it will absorb the sound.

      13. Will this soundproof the intense bass of my subwoofer?

             • Not really, but you can buy our Bass Trap Foam to lessen the intense bass.

      14. Can these be cut/altered to fit into certain spaces?

             •Yes. Quite easily.

      15. Are the foams compressed / vacuumed for shipping?

             • They were just nicely packed. Not vacuumed or compressed for shipping.

      16. Did the foams undergo an Sound Absorption Test?

             • Yes, after manufacturing, the foams will undergo an Sound Absorption Test.

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