Arrowzoom 10 Pcs Anti-Slip Aluminum Stair Nosing Rubberized Staircase Strip Insert Anodized Stair Treads Edging Trim Profile Edge Nosing KK1180

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  • Brand New Stair Nosing
  • Made by Imported High Quality Aluminum.
  • Easy to Install - can be install using adhesive sealant or screws.
  • Perfect for both Industrial and Residential use.
  • Anodized surface coating protects against corrosion, scratching and wear.
  • Heavy-Duty - Guarantees many years of Non Slip service under heavy foot traffic.
  • Totally Waterproof and Weatherproof against all kinds of conditions
  • Bonding System adheres to all types of surface and eliminates metal vibration.
  • Size: 50 x 5 x 2 cm (19.7 x 2 x 0.8 in)
  • 4 Colors Available:
    • Plain Aluminum
    • with Black Rubber
    • with Gray Rubber
    • with Yellow Rubber
  • NOTE :
    • Due to shipping requirements, we may split your order into multiple shipments for postage.
    Stair nosing refers to a profiled strip of material that is cautiously fixed on the boundaries of steps. They generally cover the entire width of the steps. Stair nosing is a very common technique used by the constructors in recent times. It is a huge discovery that safeguards stairs and prevent accidents. Stairs are one of the important parts of any multi storied building. Keeping it safe is a need for both the owners and engineers. Regardless of whether it is a residential area or workplace, ensuring safety is the primary concern. In such scenario, a stair nosing system is the only option. Stair nosing is regarded to be an excellent solution specifically for staircases that receive heavy traffic. Stair nosing is manufactured to provide anti-slip step edge, but it comes with a number of added benefits. It renders luminescent contrast in-between the surrounding stair surfaces and the step edges.


      1. Slip Resistant -  stair nosing cuts down the tendency of slipping and prevents accidents. This revolutionary system makes a great difference. Apart from this, the different color of the materials enhance the looks of the stairs.
      2. Protects the Sharp Edges - This is one of the major benefits of installing a stair nosing system. This in turn covers the edges and keeps it safe. Apart from the look, the edges are protected due to their extended surface.
      3. Proper Visibility - As all the stairs look almost the same, so in many cases it becomes a major reason of accidents. This system is a good way to reduce accidents as they come in different colors. Also, this strips a great help during dark. They even help to get proper visualization in darkness. In today’s date, most of the movie theaters are installed with these luminous strips to make the area safe and secure.
      4. Durability - Arrowzoom Stair Nosing is made with composite material with longer lifespan in comparison to traditional materials like wood. This feature also makes it cost-efficient as virtually zero maintenance cost is needed once installed. 
      5. Heat and Flame Resistant - Its heat-resistant feature makes it ideal for outdoor use specifically in those areas where the temperature is quite high. Besides increasing the space of the stairs, it also safeguards the structural integrity of the staircase. Even in case of fire, the product stays intact that may save significant cost during renovation.
      6. Anti-Corrosive - it is resilient to rust and bending, two of the main factors behind the quick deterioration of other types of materials. The anti-corrosive feature makes it a trusted solution for marine industry or in extremely corrosive areas.


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