Arrowzoom 10 PCS Sealing Insulation Paste Clay Tape KK1142

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  • Brand New Insulation Paste Clay Tape
  • Add this at clamps upper and bottom part to prevent from electric leakage and flooding water
  • Color: Black
  • Order Includes: 10 x Insulation Clay Tape

Heating Film is intended to be a replacement for a conventional heating system, as a primary source. It's also used by many persons who want to build their own heating system that is not noticeable. The films can be placed or removed when needed. Some heating system controllers can allow the residents to select which surface will be heated.

Most of the heating films sold are based on a carbon film, a silver booth bar, copper foil booth placed under a Laminex film.

This heating system is mainly used in Asian countries like Korea, where it is considered as a modern version of ondol heating. However, those films are semi-permanent, meaning that they need to be changed after a certain period of use, and are not widely available everywhere.

  1. Heats from the floor up for better heat distribution throughout the room.
  2. No dust or allergens blown into the room as with forced-air heating.
  3. Maintenance free—no furnace or boiler to service.
  4. Film contains no materials that are harmful to the environment.
  5. Electromagnetically safe.
  6. Fast, easy installation.


    1. Each thermostat requires a dedicated circuit at the breaker box.
    2. All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician.
    3. Must not be installed in damp or wet areas.
    4. Do not fold or wrinkle the heating film, walk on it unnecessarily, or drop heavy or sharp objects on it.
    5. Never overlap the heating film.
    6. Do not install electrical wires or pipes in the floor with the film.
    7. Be sure underlayment contains no cellulose.
    8. Leave a 6-inch space between film and fireplaces, chimneys, or hot water pipes.
    9. Never use any type of insulation material on top of the heating film.
    10. Heating film may only be installed in temperatures above 4 °C.


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