Arrowzoom 10 Pcs SoundPro Acoustical Sealant Polyurethane Soundproofing Noise Proof with Sealant Culking Gun KK1164

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  • Brand New Acoustical Sealant
  • Made by Imported High Quality Materials
  • Easy to use
  • Strong adhesion and durable
  • No Smell, Environmental Protection.
  • Excellent sound-flanking material
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Use it in your Home Theaters, Studios or Gaming Room for acoustic treatment / Isolation Shield , or in offices as a Desk Privacy Panel
  • Each can contains: 300ml White Polyurethane Sealant (10.1 oz)
    • CAUTION:
      • SoundPro Sealant is flammable.
      • Sealant must be kept in normal room temperate 20~25 degrees celsius, if too hot it may melt or too cold causing sealant glue to freeze. 
      • Handle the sealant with care with squeezing
      • Direct contact of uncured sealant irritates eye and may irritate skin.
      • Over exposure to vapor may irritate eyes, nose and throat.
      • Avoid eye and skin contact.
      • Use with adequate ventilation.
      • In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes.
      • In case of skin contact, remove from skin and flush with water.
      • Keep out of reach of children.
    Arrowzoom SoundPro Sealant is used to prevent unwanted sounds from escaping through cracks that surround lightweight cavity walls, flooring systems, wall-penetrating equipment (like air conditioning ducts), door sills and other places where it only takes a crack to cause a commotion. Apply sound sealant to unexposed and exposed ceiling and floor runners, perimeter joints, veneer plaster systems and areas where you need a sound-rated assembly. Use it around electrical outlets, electrical boxes, HVAC ducts, cold air returns and equipment attached to wall surfaces for increased sound performance in rooms and recording studios. Sound proof sealant is just an all-around great thing to have for quickly and easily reducing noise transmission and preventing drafts from entering a room.

    Why hire a Professional if you can construct a soundproof room in your house yourself!.



      Auditoriums • Broadcast Studios • Computer Rooms • Equipment Enclosures • Equipment Rooms • Gymnasiums • Gun Ranges • Home Recording Studios • Home Theaters • Industrial Facilities • Professional Theaters • Professional Recording Studios • Warehousing Facilities 



      1. Versatile - Easily applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces without sagging, even overhead.
      2. High Adhesion - Bonds tenaciously to a variety of surfaces.
      3. Attractive appearance - Product is non-staining.
      4. Easy to dispense - Good working properties ensure fast, efficient application with hand-gun equipment.
      5. Excellent physical properties - Won’t sag on vertical surfaces; good open time; long shelf life.
      6. Easy cleanup - Latex-based for cleanup with soap and water before drying.


      1. Prepare the Area - In order to make sure that your sealants stick fully to the place where you are applying them, you will need to prepare the wall or dry wall board by making sure that it is completely clear and free of dust. Clean the entire surface of the wall using a duster, and then wipe it over with a sponge dipped in some soapy water. Make sure that there is nothing else on the front of the wall, and then leave it to dry. Give a quick run over with a dry cloth before you begin to add the sealants
      2. Add the Sealant - The next step is to apply the acoustic sealant to the wall. Keep windows and doors open while you are applying the sealant, as you will need a good source of ventilation. You should also avoid allowing the sealant to get hotter than around 55 degrees, as this may cause it damage. Don't leave the sealant in the sun, and don't expose it to extremes of cold either. You will need to apply this using a caulking gun. When you have added the sealants to the gun, place your first bead of sealant to the board. You should be able to apply around 1/4 of an inch of sealant to the edge of the board or wall. You should not have a bead of more than half an inch in diameter, as this may cause the sealant to be too large to dry properly in the future. Allow the surfaces you have covered to dry fully before the room is used.
      3. Finishing the Sealant - Once you have applied a series of beads to both sides of the board, you can then proceed to cover other areas of the room with sealant. Good places to use the caulking gun is on window frames and door frames, on any corners of the wall, and along the edges of pipes and light fittings. You should cover the entire outside of electrical boxes and circuits with the sealant.




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