Arrowzoom 3 Pcs Black Commercial Grade Neoprene Sheet Solid Rubber All Purpose Foam Gasket Material KK1179

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  • Brand New Neoprene Sheet
  • Made by Imported High Quality Chloroprene.
  • Easy to Install - can be cut using utility knife.
  • Water Resistant - easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-Corrosive - this Neoprene Sheet does not rust.
  • Perfect for both Industrial and Residential use.
  • Quality Neoprene Sheet  Neoprene exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm (0.06 in)
  • Sizes Available:
    • 15 x 15 cm (5.9 x 5.9 in)
    • 30 x 60 cm (11.8 x 23.6 in)
  • NOTE :
    • Due to shipping requirements, we may split your order into multiple shipments for postage.
    Arrowzoom Neoprene Sheet is a highly resistant material and is used for a variety of outdoor and marine applications. Also known as polychloroprene. Neoprene Sheet resists degradation more than natural or synthetic rubber. The material has good chemical stability and is flexible over a wide range of temperatures. The flexible, stretchy and water-resistant qualities of Neoprene make it useful in the medical field, particularly for patient care. These same qualities also make it the perfect material for wet-suits. It has excellent resistance to any kind of impact and abrasions and also has good elastic properties. These sheets exhibits unmatched mechanical strength, excellent flexibility, and second to none resistance to fire and high temperatures. The thicker the neoprene, the greater the insulation. Alongside this, neoprene is resistant to greases, oils, solvents and heats, meaning it is ideal for seals, hoses, gaskets and much more. They also have excellent anti-vibration properties. They are even stable when exposed to UV rays and are resistant to the harmful effects of ozone, and extreme weather conditions.  


      1. Oil Resistance: Neoprene Sheet usually has a good resistance to mineral oils and silicone oils and greases. Because of this good chemical resistance it is ideal for hose, gasket, and adhesive applications.
      2. Flame/Heat Resistance: Neoprene Sheet resists burning better than exclusively hydrocarbon based rubbers which has resulted in its appearance in weather stripping for fire doors and in combat related attire, such as gloves and face masks.
      3. Resistance to Oxygen and Ozone Degradation: With a moderate resistance to ozone and weathering, this sheet can be used for many outdoor applications with little risk of decreased performance.
      4. Tensile Strength: This makes it ideal for use in warehouses as a conveyor belt or on an assembly line, as well as in other commercial and industrial applications.


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