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Artificial green walls are the perfect choice if you want amazing foliage without the hassle of keeping it alive. You can beautifully transform any wall or room with our Artificial Hedge Plant. It can be cut, bent, and adhere to virtually any surface whether flat or contoured. Arrowzoom Artificial Hedge Plant Panel is ideal for any surfaces that could use a lifelike restoration. May it be at your balcony, living room, terrace, office work area, reception area, and many more!

Their hedge mats not only look good but has sound defusing qualities. Artificial hedge mats applied to walls can reduce echoes dramatically. Hedge mat panels placed strategically will deflect sounds from carrying across rooms or courtyards. This decreases stress and increases privacy in an environment.


Living Room, Patio, Privacy Fencing, Home and Office Facade, Wedding or Birthday Photography Backdrop, Stage Backdrop, Backyards, Decks, Alfresco Areas, or Balconies, Dividers, Reception Areas or Walk-ways and more!

      • Denser Hedge (350 to 400 per tile) 
      • Made of 100 % fresh PE for longer life.  Polyethylene is a lightweight,  durable thermoplastic with a variable crystalline structure.
      • Ultra-flexible plastic grid frame that contours to any shape. 
      • UV and water-resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. 
      • Exquisite Workmanship. Durable quality of a that is skillfully crafted. 
      • Size: 60 cm x 40 cm ( 23.6" x 15.7") and about 4 cm (1.5") thick

      • COST EFFECTIVE - An artificial plant wall reduces initial and long-term costs. The initial set-up of our artificial plant system costs a fraction of the price of a live wall. 
      • LOW MAINTENANCE - Enhance your environment with low maintenance and long-lasting panels. Not requiring light is being able to place them anywhere, including a dark room. It also makes it easy to change up the placement.
      • AESTHETIC ENHANCEMENT - Artificial garden walls mimic real plants, so the possibilities are endless!
      • Great noise diffuser for home or office.


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