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Decor your home with Arrowzoom Adhesive Hexagon Felt Wall Panel

by Arrow Zoom Limited 27 Jul 2021


This Hexagon Pin Board is a great alternative to a bulletin board or corkboard. It has fun, playful color options that can decorate a room with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Just peel off the back and stick them on the wall and get creative with your display! Great for hanging pictures, documents, post-its, papers, and brainstorming items. Felt is processed by the shrinking characteristics of wool, containing non-toxic and are odor-free, keeping your families far from chemicals harm.

It makes by the high-quality materials: 

Arrowzoom Adhesive Hexagon Felt Wall Panel felt memo boards are made of environment-friendly soft felt, which is durable, light in weight, damage-free to a wall, and will not affect the environment. The felt board tiles for walls stick firmly to the wall and have a strong adhesive force.

It is mutil-purpose:

The decorative felt bulletin boards with push pins can be used at home or in the classroom as a learning tool to display your favorite pictures, menus, reminders, emails, upcoming travel plans, calendars, or any information of your choice.

You can create any configuration that you wanted: 

You can display photos, pictures, notes, memos, crafts, paintings, and other fun things which will become your art shows. It does not hurt the wall, you can freely use your creative decoration arrangement.


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