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Arrowzoom has been in business for over 15 years and have proudly serve over 1000+ professionals and homeowners with their noise issue. 
Here is a highlight comment from our customers.
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Dimension addition

These unique and interesting panels add dimension to any room's walls.

Tactile softness

The tactile softness these panels add to my walls is something I love.

Personalized walls

Personalizing walls with these panels is perfect for those wanting to add personality.

Color & texture

Adding color and texture to a plain wall is easy with these panels.

Textured panels.

Love the texture of these panels.

Pop effect

The 3D effect of these panels makes walls pop and is very cool.

Easy pop of color

Adding a pop of color to my room and being easy to install, I'm happy with these panels.

Reasonable price

Considering the high quality, the price for these panels is very reasonable.

Another Great Purchase

I just love the Quality and Professionalism that I have put in my studio using Arrowzoom Acoustic Foam. My audio files have been approved on various voiceover platforms using Arrowzoom's products, and their Customer Service is Top Notch! Thank you Arrowzoom!

Easy customization

These versatile panels were easy to cut and customize to fit my space.

Catching light

Adding visual interest to my space, I love the way these panels catch the light.

Statement panels

These panels receive many compliments and make a statement in any room.

Customizable space

Easy to customize to fit any space.

Home decor update

Anyone looking to update their home decor should highly consider these panels.

Touchable texture

These touchable and soft panels are a great option for those wanting to add texture to their walls.

Tactile bedroom

The soft and tactile feel these panels add to my bedroom is cozy and lovely.

Strong adhesive

The adhesive on these panels is strong and durable, not budging since installation.

Renters' personality.

Perfect for renters not wanting to damage walls but add personality, I'm happy with my purchase of these panels.

Art enhancer.

Makes my art really stand out.

Wall makeover

Transformed boring white walls to artwork.

Low upkeep

Easy clean-up.

Noise reduction.

Helped reduce noise in my home office.

Unique texture

Love the unique texture of the panels.

Happy purchase.

Really pleased with my purchase.

Excellent service

Great customer service from Arrowzoom.