About Us - What is Arrowzoom and Why Choose Us?

Arrowzoom is a Market leader and respectable brand in home improvement niche of soundproofing and acoustic treatment .
Listen to what our  Brand Ambassador Pete has to say about Arrowzoom.

Mission & Vision


Our vision is to become the leading global brand in acoustical treatment industry. With affordable yet effective products to solve every household or residential noise pollution issues.


Our mission is to solve everyday and noise problems for different individuals and business. Whether you are first time homeowner or professional who are not familiar with acoustic products. We want everyone to understand how acoustic foams can solve noise issue while having customized stylish designs in their space.

How Arrowzoom was started:

Our founder Jon who had suffered a long term issue with noise pollution. We live in a world today where sound and noise greatly affects our mood and stress levels. After studying and watching a TedTalk delivered by sound expert Julian Treasure on the affect of noise on human health, he has set it is mission in life to educate and provide creative sound solutions.

Social Responsibility

Did you know about 5% of the world or 460 million people suffered from hearing loss or hearing disability? Arrowzoom is proud to support our NGO partners helping people in accessing the healthcare they need. 


Arrowzoom Core Value

Our culture and success are built on an unwavering loyalty to six guiding principles.

 Why Choose Arrowzoom? 

Why Choose Arrowzoom