Easy Way to DIY Soundproof Your Door

by Arrow Zoom Limited on October 19, 2021

There are lots of times when you just want a little peace and quiet. All you need to do is find a room and shut the door, right? But if you’re in a noisy household, chances are that some of the sound will follow you into the room. Sound is an energy that travels through a medium (air, water, glass, wood, etc.) by vibration. The particles in a medium nearest the source bang into the adjacent particles, which bang into the next ones, and pretty soon you have a vibration that creates sound.

The greater the density of the particles, the less the sound can move. It makes sense, then, that sound travels more easily through the air, rather than through a brick wall. In an enclosed room, the less dense perimeter areas are typically the windows and especially the doors, mainly because they have air gaps. Let's see how TheNOOBIFIER1337 (A Youtube influencer with over 66,000+ Followers), has done his own DIY set up!


One easy DIY to soundproof your door is through Soundproofing Door Kit. The Arrowzoom Door Soundproofing Kit is specifically designed for any doorway may it be commercial or residential, so if you are dealing with unwanted noise and reverb that enters you room, this kit is perfect for you. This can be installed with the use of Self Adhesive Tapes and you can move forward with your installation process!

Soundproof doors enable your home to feel truly private, similar to living in a protective bubble blocking out noise, pollution, and other annoyances. In a way, soundproofing is essential towards making the most out of your home without outside interference. This product is best used in applications that require low to moderate soundproofing from low to moderate noise levels and where aesthetics are important.