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How do I reduce noise through walls in an apartment?

by Arrow Zoom Limited 09 Mar 2022

sound absorbing panels

Confused inharmonious sounds often send chills down one’s spine! The uncanny noise specifically abruption just next door bothers you and denies you proper sleep and focus on your work. The term that best expresses this level of loudness is “Noise pollution”. An effect that is caused due to the unwanted sound emitted through clutter or any sort of harmonic disturbances. Your place of work, the residence, or the places you most commonly dwell is causing these problems to take away your overall comfort, mental peace, etc., and cause psychological trauma. The case worsens if you live or work near the main road where the occurrence becomes invasive. 

Ranging from the intensity to the noise levels and the compactness of the walls where you reside, voice crosses become a common factor that never lets you relax and unwind. Voice crosses agitate through a wall when it is so thin that wavelength passes easily compared to the thick ones. But do not worry, we have brought you incredible ideas that help secure your ears from loud noise.

Identify and Focus on Weak Spot in your Apartment  

acoustic foam

An apartment can quickly get a weak spot when it comes to noise. You have to identify them and cover the area with soundproof devices like sound-absorbing panels that soak all immense sound types coming through the wall.

Cover Empty Spaces

 An empty corner of a house can echo all the little voices that pass through it. It can scare you at an ideal time of your day, so it is better to fill it up with some furniture and books. If this corner has a window, place a rocking chair near it and utilize your ideal time spent in this corner of your home.

Please search for a possible hole and Glue it up.  

soundproof curtains

There is a probable chance your apartment has a hole that produces strange noise if any vehicle passes by or any wind whistles through it. You can go for acoustic foam and glue the place with it. It’ll reduce the noise just after you install it.

Change Your Door  

soundproof door

A sound can not only pass through walls but also from doors and windows too. It can happen that your walls don’t allow sounds, but your door can. You can go for a soundproof door kit that acts as a barrier between noise and you. It blocks the unwanted noise effects that come through the door.

Cover Your Windows  

soundproof room

If your windows allow a sound breach to your apartment, find better quality curtains that block the same. Yes, you heard me right. There are soundproof curtains available that block all nuisance-creating noise effects there and then outside your house. All the discussions held within four walls stay limited to the area without any significant breach.

Choose Wisely 

Choose and create an apartment wall that doesn’t pass the unnecessary noise that disturbs your precious sleep or your work. Having a soundproof room is a blessing today, but if you don’t have it, then Arrowzoom helps you make one. From soundproof door kits to soundproof wall panels, we help you with all to make your home noise pollution-free.

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