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The Difference Between Wedge And Pyramid Acoustic Foam

by Arrow Zoom Limited 18 Jun 2020


Before we purchase an acoustic foam, surely we have some questions that we want to be answered like such as which store should I buy the foams?, what style should I try?, or what acoustic foams should I try to solve my acoustics problem.

One of the reasons we use Acoustic Foam is because of its convenience. According to Tommy Callaway, a technology content creator on Youtube, that a sound foam is not soundproofing. You can talk right through sound panels and it not provide any sound dissipation. The structure of Pyramid Acoustic Foams is much denser. Unlike Wedge Acoustic Foams, it provides a concise layout. 


Pyramid Foams can also provide us a diverse way of use. If you have an asymmetrical wall, we seldomly use a wedge acoustic foam to fill the gaps. However, pyramid acoustic foam can solve this kind of problem because you can easily cut this kind of foam. 

For the installation, pyramid and wedge foams are both easy to install. You will no longer be needing any professional help. Arrowzoom is also a one-stop-shop for installations, which means you may also purchase the sticky tabs at Arrowzoom. Stick tabs alleviate installation hazards. Arrowzoom also offers different sizes, colors, and styles of Acoustic Foams. You may watch Tommy Callaway's video review for reference.

You also don't need to worry that the shape might affect the audio quality of the acoustic foam. Arrowzoom Products provides outstanding quality and will help you ease the sound pollution in your room or studio. Let's try out Pyramid Acoustic Foam today. 

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