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Two Easy Steps on How to Remove Echoes in your Room

by Arrow Zoom Limited 08 Mar 2020


If you're gaming in a separate room and streaming online, then you might consider the obvious options – Acoustical treatment for your walls or door. Insulating your walls is pretty easy, even if you've never done it before. Two of the most common ways to do this are installing acoustic foams and adhesive tapes.
One YouTube gaming creator that has tried our product is KingSuperior. He has always been satisfied in his gaming set up and had no problems with it.  However, as he started recording YouTube videos, he noticed he usually gets too much echo in his room. Ever since he removed a lot of stuff in his gaming room, he started to get all those unnecessary noises in his videos.
Acoustic foam comes handy in this case! It helps your room choice to dramatically improve the acoustics. It has the inherent ability to absorb a percentage of sound wave energy. This results in a significant reduction of the effects caused by reflections, echoes, reverberation and indirect sound waves. 

In this blog, KingSuperior will share with us how he eliminates the echo in his gaming room by doing these 2 easy steps. So prepare all the tools needed and start doing the step-by-step below.


1. Peel the Sticky Tabs and Press on the 4 Corners of the Foam

Make sure the surface you are applying the tape to is completely dry and free of any debris before the sticky tape is applied. During this step be careful not to contaminate the adhesive by touching it at all with your fingers since it will transfer natural oils over to the adhesive side. Also try to immediately bond the tape to the surface without entrapping air between the tape and the surface it is being applied to.
Use some application pressure in order to achieve maximum bond strength. Make sure there is no gap remaining between the tape and the surface it is being applied to which would allow water to come into contact with the adhesive-side of the tape over  time. This would deaden the adhesive and shorten the life span of the tape.

2. Install Acoustic Foam on the Wall or Door Area

After putting the tapes to the wedge foams, you may now start installing all the foams to the area where you want it to be placed. Make sure to press it properly against the wall so that it will not eventually fall. Carefully line up your acoustic foam panel in the corner of the area
After doing these 2 basic steps, you will surely like the audio quality of all the recordings, videos or streaming that you will make because it will be more solid and compact. Here's a quick snap of his installed Black and Red Wedge Foams:


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