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What kind of acoustic foam is perfect for your studio?

by DAI Designer 01 Feb 2021


    What is the most reliable tool for heavy machinery to block vibration? For domestic or commercial uses, the acoustic foam panels you can buy are fine. It helps to know certain fundamentals to select the right material that absorbs the vibration. Whenever we buy acoustic panels, there are some questions we normally pose, like how does it work? What kind of foam do I need to purchase? Or what are the things before buying that I need to remember? It also allows you to work out how to create and mount the right sound-absorbing stuff, so you need a personalized solution.

    VAXNET / Luis Caba notes that since he got the Red and Black Pyramid Arrowozoom Acoustic foams, relative to other acoustic foams that you would find online, they have done a pretty good job. On his YouTube page, you can watch the full product analysis.

Attach Arrowzoom Sticky Tabs at the back of the foams.

How is it working?

    They are made with advanced facings with airtight acoustic foams. In the acoustic foams, the open cells permit sound energy to flow in. It quickly dissipates this energy and transforms it into small quantities of low-grade heat. The facing substrate may also provide a durable, smooth surface for the sound absorber.

Install the acoustic foams to your desired place.

What are the styles of acoustic foams on the market that I can buy?

    A suitable choice for any studio or game space is vinyl-faced sound absorbers for heavy sound equipment. Many vibration-absorbing foams consist of polyester, polyurethane, urethane, or melamine. Instead, to meet fire safety specifications, polyimide foams may be used. Vinyl and foil made from aluminum provide common acoustic foam face products.

Final acoustic foam setup of VAXNET / Luis Caba

How to Set Up?

    Acoustic foams from Arrowzoom are simple to install. Since it is a user-friendly program, you don't need expert support. Acoustic foams from Arrowzoom come in vacuum-sealed packaging. To encourage you to reshape it, soak it in water and allow it to dry for 24 hours. It is now ready for installation once the foams are still in shape. You can use Arrowzoom 24 pack sticky tabs, or you can buy an adhesive spray at any nearest hardware store.
    Make sure you know all the features you need for your space or your studio before purchasing an acoustic foam. Otherwise, you might select an acoustic foam that only meets certain of the specifications. Arrowzoom Black and Red Pyramid Acoustic Foams can be tested.
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