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How to Improve Your Streaming Room with Acoustic Panels

  When you’re starting to get serious about streaming, you want to have a competent,...
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Soundproof Doors Are Good For Your Health

  Excess noise that easily passes through normal doors and gaps around them could have...
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3 Reasons You Should be Interested in Acoustic Foams

Why You Should Soundproof Your Room TIME REQUIRED: 1 Hour | DIFFICULTY: Average    ...
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3 Things You Need to Learn Before Buying Acoustic Foams

TIME REQUIRED: 2 Hours | DIFFICULTY: Average  Your recorder, monitors, and other forms of equipment have...
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Basic Steps on How To Enhance the Audio and Visual of your Studio

For the longest time, Installing an Acoustic Foam in your house is a proven and...
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How to get rid of echo in your room?

HOW TO GET RID OF ECHO IN A ROOM?Sometimes we get bothered if we are...
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