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Arrowzoom Sticky Tabs: Durable or Not?

by Arrow Zoom Limited 24 Jun 2020


Some of Acoustic Foam sellers in the market only provide a big sized foam. In some ways, big size foam can help you done in one go. But the most common problem that we usually encounter of having a one size foam is you cannot adjust the size, the installation place, and you will also be needing a lot of material to hold the foam to its place. It wastes a lot of equipment, you also need to buy an adhesive spray or sticky tabs for installation.
Arrowzoom can reduce the acoustic problems of your studio. Arrowzoom is also a one-stop-shop for any acoustic treatment. We provide different sizes, colors, and types of foam. You can easily install with double-sided tape that we provide

TheTechSpot A technology content creator on YouTube, illustrates the performance of the Acoustic Foam provided by Arrowzoom. In his video, we can see that small tape was able to hold the foam in the wall unlike other sellers, people need to buy an adhesive spray to set it up. 




If you want to change the acoustic foams in your studio or room, other sticky tabs or adhesive spray that you can purchase in any store near you may damage the large part of the outward appearance of your wall. This is not a wise choice for you. 

Perhaps you can refer to TheTechSpot. Using Arrowzoom's Acoustic Foam is a good choice. You can choose the different colors you want. You can also use it as a puzzle to decorate your room. TheTechSpot used the blue and black Acoustic Foam, which is a cool and unique taste's room. Arrowzoom's Acoustic Foam can help you to reduce the sound pollution problem and provide the aesthetics environment for you.

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