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How to install Stair Nosing?

by Auto Currency 02 Aug 2019

Nosing is a horizontal aluminum material usually placed at the edge of the stair. The reason why mostly of residential and commercial area put a stair nosing is because it helps to avoid any necessary injury because of a slippery stair and also it gives an additional room for your feet to stand on.

Do I need any professional help when installing a stair nosing?

The good thing here is that you may install the stair nosing without any professional help or Do-It-Yourself! Just follow the 6 basic steps bellow:

1. First, make sure that the platform on where are you planning to put the stair nosing is smooth, sturdy and dust-free.
2. If the platform is ready for installation, you may now install the riser. Take note that you must first install the riser before the stair nosing installation.
3. Make sure that the stair nosing is perfectly fit to your stair. If you ordered the nosing with the exact measurement, you may skip this procedure.
4. You may use a screw or special adhesive when installing the stair nosing. But for me, I would suggest to use both just to make sure.
5. It takes 1-2 hours before the nosing completely absorbs the adhesive.
6. If the adhesive is already dry, you may now clean or wipe the nosing.

I hope this article helps if you are planning to buy a Stair Nosing!


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