• Things you need to know about Hemisphere Grid Acoustic Foam

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    This New Hemisphere Grid Acoustic Foam is made with High Quality Imported Foam. Sound vibrations are
    broadcast thru the air, causing issues with noise entering and exiting your house studio.

    This sound absorbing Acoustic foam panel is designed to reduce echo within an
    environment. The Studio Foam enhances the sound quality and aesthetics of
    any recording or listening environment.


    You may install this product without any professional help and also, this type of acoustic foam is applicable for the following:

    - Auditoriums
    - Broadcast Studios
    - Computer Rooms
    - Equipment Enclosures
    - Equipment Rooms
    - Gymnasiums
    - Gun Ranges
    - Home Recording Studios
    - Home Theaters
    - Industrial Facilities
    - Professional Theaters
    - Professional Recording Studios
    - Warehousing Facilities


    To know more about Hemisphere Grid Foam, Visit Arrowzoom website and Use this code: AZ-HGRID to get 10% discount on this collection!

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  • EGG CRATE FOR SOUND REDUCTION: Which is more effective? Cardboard or Foam?

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    Some people use an affordable way to reduce sounds in their room and sometimes, they recycle some item to save money. One of the recycled items that are usually used for sounds reduction is card board egg crates but the question is, is this material effective?
    Cardboard egg crates does not absorbs or reduce sounds fully. It sometimes depend on the frequency range of the sounds however, there is a modernized type of egg crates that can absorb and reduce sounds in your room which is called "Egg Crate Convoluted Foam"
    This material is made by imported high quality and sound absorbing foam, high density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorption and helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation.
    To know more about Egg Crate Convoluted Foam, Visit Arrowzoom website and Use this code: AZ-ECRATE to get 10% discount on this collection!

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  • The Perfect One-Stop-Shop for your Soundproofing and Sound absorption Installation

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    The Perfect One-Stop-Shop for your Soundproofing and Sound Absorption Installation

    If you are looking for a store where you can buy all the thing that you need for sound proofing, Arrowzoom is the right place for you. They offer a wide variety of acoustic foam panels such as Bass Traps, Wedge, Pyramid, and more. They also offer other products such as insulation and other installation & accessories that you will need.

    There are over 1000+ designs to choose from and the great part here is, they ship products nationwide!

    Arrowzoom also gives a huge discounts and promos weekly. You may visit Arrowzoom website to know more about their product or you may also follow them on their Social Media accounts for more updates:

    Facebook -
    Twitter -
    Instagram -
    Youtube -

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  • Installing Acoustic Foam Panels Without Ruining The Wall Paint

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    There are several materials that can be use when installing acoustic foam panels but not all of them are wall paint friendly.

    Adhesive tape is a sticky material that also have a back-coated adhesive. There are different types of adhesive tapes back material depending on the intended use.


    For Acoustic foam Panel installation, Arrowzoom offers an adhesive tapes or Transparent Mounting sticky tabs. This material is perfect for mounting acoustic foam panels, durable and long lasting, strong hold, easy to peel, transparent, and damage free to walls.


    This material will help you make your installation process easier and also, It will not ruin the paint of your wall.

    Visit our website Arrowzoom to know more about Transparent Mounting sticky tabs.

    Use 10% Off: AZ-TABS to get discount on this collection!



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  • Polyester Fiber Panel - Worth the buy or Not?

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    Acoustic Panel - Worth the buy or Not?

    If you are looking for an affordable material to use for sound proofing, there are tons of product that you will see in the market and one of them is the Polyester Fiber Panel. But the question is, is it really worth it to buy an affordable product than to buy an expensive one?
    If you are worried about the durability of the product because of its affordable price, Arrowzoom Polyester Fiber Panel is made of high quality polyester and it is high density which means, more than 200kg/m acoustic Panel cell structure for maximum noise absorption to provide proven acoustical solutions. Aside of its affordable price, they also has a wide selection of colors that can help you to make your recording studio, room, or theaters more appealing.

    The nice thing about this product is you will no longer need any professional help because it is easy to install. So if you are asking me if this is worth the buy? I would definitely recommend you to buy this product!

    Visit our website Arrowzoom to know more about Polyester Fabric Panels.

    Use 10% Off: AZ-Panel to get discount on this collection!


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