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         Lockdown has affected our way of life. It appears to be that the year 2020 is a tough year for all of us. It seems that the coronavirus has a huge impact on our daily lives in several aspects, even though some countries, the lockdown has been removed. This pandemic also made us realize how little others care in our lives is astounding. We also seem to get too wrapped up in our daily routine and attempting to make ourselves healthy for everyone. We thus neglect the individuals who matter to us and about whom we would listen. However, some of us coped up in different ways.
         Some discovered a new talent, learned how to cook, started to do gardening, and also renovated their houses. Some gamers, vloggers, and singers took advantage of our current situation to improve the aesthetic of their room for vlogging or sound recording. No doubt good sound is far more critical than good aesthetics. In reality, it has been noticed that if the audio quality is poor, viewers would respond more negatively to a video as a whole. Alexander Persson, a YouTube technology content creator shared some tips on how to improve the acoustics of an apartment.
         There are several ways on how to improve the visuals and audio quality of our studio in this time of quarantine. The first is to Perform a monologue or do a voice-over. Embedding a voiceover at a specific place makes it easier to produce smooth, clear, noticeable speech.  You should capture the audio indoors and simply link it to the video later. Second, install a sound booth. It is safer to build a sound booth that eliminates clicks, home equipment noises, and other sound pollution. Lastly, you must purchase the compatible equipment for your studio or room. Generally speaking, the microphones installed into cameras are not efficient enough to block out such noise. On the other hand, a specialized microphone is made to acquire exactly the audio that you intended to record.

         Going through a psychological separation isn't an easy fact for everyone. Life in tiny homes, with loads of visitors, and the need to head out of work are some of the problems facing us. However, there is a moment where we have to try to conform to the necessary controls. In this "New Normal", we need to understand that staying at home is a must. This will help us with so many reasons on how not to acquire the virus. Do you know why we need to stay at home? It's because The coronavirus spreads very quickly. anyone can get the virus, there is no cure yet, and lastly, we can transmit the virus to our loved ones. Why don't we stay at home and try new things like rebuilding our apartment? We can use or free time to improve the interior of our home. But before rebuilding your apartment, make sure to have a renter's mind when you purchase all the items needed. According to Alexander, you may attach your Arrowzoom Pyramid Acoustic Foams in cardboard to avoid any direct contact with the wall. You may use an adhesive strip, hooks, or damage free tapes for any types of wall decor installation. 

         This is the best season to spend time revamping your room. You don't have to purchase a new sofa or bed to make your space look different. Sometimes, it just needs a new "perspective" Acoustic foams come handy during this time and can improve your room's overall aesthetics without spending too much. you're giving the space a makeover. It is necessary to remain hopeful and that means taking stock of the recent pandemic. It's really tough to anticipate what the next few weeks may turn. Whatever occurs, we should all be comfortable and motivated to make the right choices in our daily lives.