How to Improve Your Streaming Room with Acoustic Panels

by Arrow Zoom Limited on December 22, 2021


When you’re starting to get serious about streaming, you want to have a competent, professional sound. And anyone who has attempted to record good quality audio will know, there’s nothing worse than background noise that you can’t get rid of in a stream. And if you’re streaming live, you certainly don’t have time to clean things up, spending hours with audio software.  

The solution is to soundproof your streaming room properly. This article will discuss some techniques and tips right out of the entertainment industry to bring you some sound advice on soundproofing your streaming room. See what we did there, ‘sound’ advice? Anyway, join us for an adventure into sound.

As you can see installation is super easy and can take your sound to the next level for sure! If you need even more help, check out this Youtube video below. It is super easy and does not take long at all. This unboxing of Wedge Acoustic Panels is created by YouTube Influencer Tiago Ramos with over 201K subscribers.