Arrowzoom 1 Meter Pipe Thick Fireproof Self-Adhesive Water Pipe, Furnace, AirCon, Ceiling, Automotive Insulation Foam Sound Deadening Aluminum Foil Face KK1151

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  • Brand New Pipe Insulation Mat
  • Made by Imported High Quality Materials
  • Easy to Cut and Fit
  • Adhesive Backed - Easy to Install
  • Optimum Thermal Insulation
  • Safe to Use
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Flexible, Durable and Stops sound in its tracks.
  • Not only reduces heat loss but has also reduced noise levels inside the Pipe.
  • Aluminum foils for insulation are available in both dense and perforated versions.
  • Because of Adhesive Back, the use of aluminum foil allows fast installation even in large buildings such as warehouses.
  • Materials: Rubber + Aluminum Foil
  • Size & Dimension : 
    • 100 cm x 28.3 cm (39.4 in X 11.1 in)
    • 100 cm x 62.8 cm (39.4 in X 24.7 in)
    • For Custom Size email at 
  • 2 Thickness Available:
    • 1 cm (0.4 in)
    • 2 cm (0.8 in)
  • NOTE:
    • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage.
    • Message us for custom size
Arrowzoom Pipe Insulation Mat is a leading flexible thermal insulation material made from high quality Foam Rubber and Aluminum Foil, thermally fused to pure reinforced aluminum foil. It provides superior energy saving performance. It has a lower thermal conductivity than other flexible closed cell thermal insulation materials and has near zero vapor permeability. Its all-in-one concept enables fast and simple installation, and trouble free operation, in a variety of environments.

One of the most important fields of application of aluminum foil is insulation. It is used for example as a heat-insulating layer for the insulation of pipes and ducts. As a vapor barrier, the film ensures that no water vapor penetrates the insulation material and thus prevents mold formation and moisture damage. In addition to the vapor barrier property, aluminum foils reflect approximately 96% of radiant heat and are therefore very well suitable for thermal insulation.


  • Optimum Thermal Insulation - It can solve tight clearance issues with its very low thermal conductivity.
  • Water Vapor Resistance - It is negligible water vapor permanence means no additional vapor barriers or coatings are required.
  • Safe To Use - It is completely user friendly and does not emit fibers or dust during installation or in service. It is non irritant, odorless, and will not support bacterial growth.
  • Easy To Install & Cut - It contributes to reducing installation time of mechanical services that may be installed afterwards.
  • Appearance & Durability - It provides an appearance and performance that remains unchanged for the life of the building without sagging or giving a quilted look.
  • Fire and Smoke Standards - Extensively tested to various international fire and smoke standards.
  • Green Building Compliant - Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs.
    • Duct Insulation
    • Raised Floor Insulation
    • Underslab Insulation
    • AC Unit Insulation (OEM/AHU/FCU/VAV)
    • Water Pipe Insulation
    • Tank Insulations.


    Tools Required
    utility knife, straight edge, tape measure, pencil or chalk line



    1. Mark the Pipe Insulation Mat to the appropriate size using the tape measure and marker.
    2. Cut along the line using the utility knife. With the thicker rubber, it may take several passes to completely cut the Pipe Insulation Mat
    3. An alternate cutting method is to compress the foam along the line marked in Step 1. With the material compressed, it will reduce the number of passes that must be made to completely cut the Mat.

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