Arrowzoom Adhesive Butyl Sound Deadening Mat Home, Work and Auto Deadener Audio Noise Insulation and Dampening Foil KK1148

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  • Brand New Butyl Sound Deadening
  • Made by Imported High Quality Materials
  • Sound-Deadening  Butyl Sound Deadening
  • Easy to Cut and Fit
  • Adhesive Backed - Easy to Install
  • Stops heating and air conditioning loss around penetrations
  • Shock Absorber - Reduce the vibration of the resonance frequency
  • Flexible, Durable and Stops sound in its tracks.
  • Not only reduces heat loss but has also reduced noise levels inside the car.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Use it in your Automotives, Home Theaters, Studios or Gaming Room for acoustic treatment / Isolation Shield , or in offices as a Desk Privacy Panel
  • Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room
  • Materials: Butyl Rubber + Aluminum Foil
  • Size & Dimension : 2mm x 46 cm x 80 cm (0.07 X 18.1 in X 31.5 in)
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  • NOTE:
    • Each order includes 1x Free Roller
    • Actual color may slightly differ depends on monitor settings.
    • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage.
    • Message us for custom size
Arrowzoom Butyl Sound Deadening is a synthetic rubber formed from isobutylene and small amounts of isoprene. Like all pressure sensitive products, its performance can be modified by adding a range of elasticisers, tackifiers, resins and fillers. The natural structure of the butyl rubber molecules render them very stable to weathering, age and heat whilst also offering stability against a wide range of non hydro-carbon based chemicals. Being an all-hydrocarbon material Butyl has very low water absorption and the regular nature of the molecules allow close packing, this confers on them their uniquely low permeability to gas, air and moisture. 
Butyl rubber is a great option for shock absorption and has exceptionally low gas and moisture permeability and outstanding resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, chemical attack, flexing, abrasion, and tearing. It is resistant to phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids, and has excellent electrical insulation performance. Butyl is not recommended for use when in contact with petroleum oils and fluids. Butyl products are non-toxic and free from Volatile Organic Content and so may find applications as replacement for solvent based adhesive systems.

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  • Flexibility
  • Air tight and gas impermeable (a property unique to butyl rubbers)
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • Good ozone resistance
  • Displays high damping at ambient temperatures
  • Good weathering, heat, and chemical resistance
  • Good vibration damper
  • Good Shock Absorber
  • Perfect Sound Deadening
Auditoriums • Automotive • Broadcast Studios • Computer Rooms • Equipment Enclosures • Equipment Rooms • Gymnasiums • Gun Ranges • Home Recording Studios • Home Theaters • Industrial Facilities • Professional Theaters • Professional Recording Studios • Warehousing Facilities 


Installation Methods:

1. Use scissors, knife or die to cut the mat to the desired size and shape before removing the release liner.

2. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface.

3. Peel off the release liner. The simplest application technique is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge. Press the mat firmly into place, using a roller for larger pieces. The roller reduces the risk of leaving air pockets, which reduce sound damping capacity. The temperature of the mat and application surface should not be below room temperature during fitting. Heating the material is not necessary. 


Tools Required
utility knife, straight edge, tape measure, Glue gun, pencil or chalk line



  1. Mark the Butyl Sound Deadening Mat to the appropriate size using the tape measure and marker.
  2. Cut along the line using the utility knife. With the thicker rubber, it may take several passes to completely cut the Butyl Sound Deadening Mat
  3. An alternate cutting method is to compress the foam along the line marked in Step 1. With the material compressed, it will reduce the number of passes that must be made to completely cut the fabric.



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    Customer Reviews

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    good stuff

    This is some good stuff I used it on all my car doors and I'm into SPL competitions I have 10 speakers total inside my car and definitely holes in the sound and they gave all my door panels a lot of weight and I have less road noise

    Great stuff. Easy application, thin and lightweight but offers a ton of noise suppression.

    Great stuff. Easy application, thin and lightweight but offers a ton of noise suppression.

    This stuff is incredible and super easy to work with

    This stuff is incredible and super easy to work with. I'm about half done but that's all i had time for. It cut my tin canny exhaust drone on my WRX dramatically, and i've only done under the rear seat and the trunk. Highly recommended.

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