New 4 Pcs Black & Baby Blue Bundle Pyramid Tiles Acoustic Panels Sound Absorption Studio Soundproof Foam KK1034

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  • Brand New Acoustic Foam
  • Made by Imported High Quality Foam
  • Sound-Absorbing Foam
  • Fire-Retardant Foam
  • High density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorption
  • Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation
  • Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room
  • Ideal for use in recording studios, home theatres and karaoke room
  • Color: As Seen
  • Size & Dimension:
    • 25 X 25 X 5cm (9.8 X 9.8 X 1.9in)
    • 50 X 50 X 5cm (19.6 X 19.6 X 1.9)
    • NOTE:
      • The color stability of PEARL WHITE foams is affected by UV light, oxidation
        and room temperature. Discoloration (Turn into YELLOWISH color) may
        occur. Before making a purchase please make sure you are agreeing to this.
        We will NOT issue refunds after purchase that claim that color has been change.
      • Actual color may slightly differ depends on monitor settings.
      • We may split your order into multiple shipments for postage. And due to shipping
        requirements, we compressed (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping.
        Please kindly give up until 24 to 48 hours for the foam to restore its normal size.
    This New Acoustic Foam is made with High Quality Imported Foam. Sound vibrations are
    broadcast thru the air, causing issues with noise entering and exiting your house studio.
    This sound absorbing foam panel is designed to reduce echo within an
    environment. The Pyramid Studio Foam enhances the sound quality and aesthetics of
    any recording or listening environment.

    Why hire a Professional if you can construct a soundproof room in your house yourself!.
    For the very best quality, most complete soundproofing you just need this New Acoustic
    Foam! It comes with an adhesive which makes it convenient and easy to place. Buy these
    New Acoustic Foam now and have a perfect room to party!


    Property Value Metric (Imperial) Test Method
    • Density (Core) 29 kg/m3 (1.8 lb/ft3) ASTM D1622
    • Compressive Strength 186 kPa (27.0 psi) ASTM D1621
    • Tensile Strength 241 kPa (35.0 psi) ASTM D1623
    • Open Cell Content 8.0% ASTM D2856
    • Water Absorption 1.2 % by volume ASTM D2842
    • Water Vapour Permeance
    • 50mm sample 42 ng/Pa s m2 (0.70 Perms) ASTM E96
    • Dimensional Stability
    • Volume Change (%) after 28 days
    • -0.0 @ -20 C (-29 F)
    • 1.5 @ 70 C (158 F) @ 97 3% RH
    • 0.4 @ 80 C (176 F)
    • ASTM D2126
    • Flame Spread Classification** Flame Spread <500
    • Smoke Developed <500
    • CAN/ULC-S102
    • Including S127
    • Time to Occupancy*** 24 Hours CAN/ULC-S774
    • Initial Thermal Resistance (50 mm) RSI: 2.45 m2 K/W (R: 13.9 ft2 hr F / BTU) ASTM C518
    • Hot-Surface Performance Passed when exposed to 93 C for 96 hours ASTM C 411
    • Fungi Resistance After 28 day incubation - no fungal growth exhibited ASTM C1338
    Auditoriums • Broadcast Studios • Computer Rooms • Equipment Enclosures • Equipment Rooms • Gymnasiums • Gun Ranges • Home Recording Studios • Home Theaters • Industrial Facilities • Professional Theaters • Professional Recording Studios • Warehousing Facilities


    General Installation Tips
    Soft Sound Pyramid Studio Foam is typically surface mounted on the walls within a studio and will improve the overall acoustic performance of the space. It is important that you evenly distribute the panels throughout the room and not cluster in one area. The Pyramid Studio Foam is a modular pattern - the seams don’t always line up perfectly when butting the pieces end to end, this is explained further below.


    Tools Required
    utility knife, straight edge, tape measure, caulking gun, pencil or chalk line



    1. Mark the Pyramid Studio Foam to the appropriate size using the tape measure and marker.
    2. Cut along the line using the utility knife. With the thicker foams, it may take several passes to completely cut the An echoic Studio Foam.
    3. An alternate cutting method is to compress the foam along the line marked in Step 1. With the material compressed, it will reduce the number of passes that must be made to completely cut the foam.

    Installation Methods:

    1. Lay the Pyramid Studio Foam out for your specific application - keep in mind that you want the foam evenly distributed throughout the room. Pyramid Foam is a modular design and the seams don’t always line up with the pattern.
    2. Measure any areas that need to be field cut on the foam and make the appropriate cuts